Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Card for Doodle Street Challenge!

Here is a card I did for a challenge over on Doodlestreet, I love all their new images and can't wait to get some of them soon:)  I just love this sketch from the talented Cassandra, of Doodlestreet Designs!


  1. Great Card Angie! Thanks for playing along with us at Doodle Street!

  2. Hi Angie, and welcome to the blog world.. boy there is some amazing crafter out there. your card for the doodle street challenge is great!! and thanks for playing along, hope you join us this wednesday too!!
    Hugs Normajean

  3. Wonderful Fall card!!! Great job with the sketch. I love this image! I know I have seen it before but can't remember who makes it???

  4. This is a great card. I just love that image. Thanks for playing along with us at Doodle Street!

  5. Hi Angie - Super cute card! As for your OMS question on my blog - it is really just getting used to another medium. Real easy to use. As for tips: 1) load most of your heavy color closer to the image line and use a stub to pull the color towards the center - this makes shading real easy and you can reapply color if you need to. I buy the stubs at Michaels in the art section by the bag full. Keep a sanding block handy so you can sand off old color and make sure that you rewet the stub often for the best effect.

    There are several UTube tutorial videos out there. Just search odorless mineral spirits or gamsol and a whole new world will open up to you. LOL Gina K. Designs has some awesome tutorials as well if you are interested in learning some different shading techniques and practice.

    Have fun! Can't wait to see how you progress!!

  6. Hi there sweetie! Thanks for visiting my blog, leaving so bloggy love, and for following! I am now following you too! I'm a daily blogger, love to post and follow daily. So, I'll be making rounds and checking out your yumminess!
    Kim xXx

  7. Hey Angie send me your addy so I can send a little something for your entry in the first blog challenge on Angie's Craft Blog! Thanks!


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